A88CBD™ Athlete Spotlight: Corinne Quiggle

How Corrine Quiggle Uses CBD

As a professional athlete recovery is one of the most important parts of my day. Using CBD has amplified my recovery process, especially in this crazy time of coronavirus. After working (out) from home from mid-March to June, my body had a quick turnaround time in order to compete in the AVP Beach Volleyball events hosted in July. Luckily, through many means of recovery and A88CBD™ I was able to get my sand legs back quickly and compete at the highest level in one month. Being able to trust your recovery process is so important to be able to push yourself hard, especially when competition is right around the corner.

Corinne Quiggle

The CBD infused hydrating lotion was key to helping my legs recover. And for general areas, it is a perfect fix. The lotion spreads easily over big areas for relief and is something I use daily. For smaller, more specific soreness, I use the muscle salve, which has slightly more CBD infused within it. I use this around my knees and shoulders for quick recovery and as a proactive measure. Tinctures are another great tool I use for my whole body and by the way - the orange cream flavor - AMAZING! Most tinctures you have to mix in drinks or whatnot but this one is amazing just as is!

Corinne Quiggle using A88CBD lotion 

My regime changes often depending on whether I’m in practice mode, competition, or in the offseason. In practice, when I am really pushing, this is when I use the most to help expedite my recovery. Again the lotion and lip balm is perfect to use daily, while the salve and tinctures I use around once or twice a week or when I start feeling the soreness. 

Recovering with A88CBD™ Products

During competition, I recover with the lotion after showers to have a light and efficient recovery and the lip balm to save my burnt lips! The muscle salve is also perfect to help me recover quickly and target the specific areas that took a beating that day.

In the offseason, I am usually quite active, either continue to play beach volleyball, or cross-training with surfing, hiking, or snowboarding so again my recovery is mainly proactive and focused on keeping my body healthy for the next season! If I had any nagging injuries or pain during the season then this is the time I focus on these, with PT, CBD lotions, stretching, and rest if needed.

CBD has been a huge factor in my recovery process and I am so glad I found quality CBD to help give me relief no matter the time of year or season!

Corinne Quiggle is a professional beach volleyball player. She earned gold medals at the 2020 AVPGold Ohio Tour stop and at the 2019 NORCECA Jamaica and Dominican Republic Tour stops. Corinne starred at Pepperdine University, earning two All-American honors.



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