A88CBD™ Athlete Spotlight: Kalei Mau

How Kalei Mau Uses CBD

I have been using A88CBD™ products for about 2 months now and the biggest change I have noticed since then is my quality of sleep. It is taking me a shorter amount of time to recover after hard training days and heavy lifts. I am a very spiritual person who needs to feel “in touch” with my body more than often.

I have a very unique supplemental routine from morning to night and I am very conscious of what I implement into it. If something doesn’t feel right at first, I’ll give my body a few days to adjust to it and if I don’t physically or mentally feel the benefits of it, I stop using it right away.

The first time I used the A88CBD™ sleep tincture, it took me about 8 minutes to fall into a deep sleep and I slept the whole night through. I woke up early the next morning and had one of the most productive days I had in a while (during quarantine). I don’t use it every night but when I really need to get to bed, I’ll put a drop under my tongue and sleep without hesitation. There is only one thing I love more than waking up in the morning and that is feeling refreshed and brand new when waking up to live another day!


Lately, I have been doing a lot of traveling throughout the states and I’ve taken my products with me along the way. During my visits in the ‘dry’ states such as Nevada and Arizona, I have relied on the body lotion and lip balm to get me through my days. I apply the A88CBD™ body lotion in the morning before I start my day and at night after I take a shower to keep my skin moisturized. You know it’s good when a little goes a long way and you only need a few pumps of it to lather your arms and legs. I like it because my skin absorbs it well and it doesn’t get slippery and slimy when I start to sweat during a workout.

Lip balm is a girl’s best friend - at least it should be! I apply the A88CBD™ lip balm to my lips many times throughout the day, it keeps my lips glossy and kissable at all times . I am always excited to try new things from A88CBD™ because I love my body and my body loves A88CBD™!


Kalei Mau is a professional indoor volleyball player and avid fitness advocate. She starred at the University of Arizona, earning third-term AVCA All-American honors, emerging as one of the nation’s most-feared hitters in her senior season. Mau was cited as one of 12 “Players to Watch” by ESPNW leading up her to senior season. Mau is based in Oahu, Hawaii. 


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