• What is the Hemp Checkoff Program in Montana?

    All About The Hemp Checkoff Program  Montana, a leader in hemp production in 2019, has established a program for hemp producers to dedicate 1% of their sales towards industry research, market development, and education. The funds are being controlled and overseen by the advisory committee, which ... View Post
  • Benefits and Uses of Bath Salts

    Bath salts have long been a cure-all used by many who suffer from body fatigue such as sore muscles and arthritis flares. If you don’t know already, a simple soak in bath salts can produce incredible results — continue reading to learn more.  What Are Bath Salts? Typically, bath salts are Epsom ... View Post
  • Understanding a CBD Certificate of Analysis

    What is a Certificate of Analysis? A Certificate of Analysis (COA), is a document from a laboratory that shows the number of various cannabinoids in a CBD product. Manufacturers are encouraged to send every batch of every product they make to a lab to complete testing. This ensures their customer... View Post
  • CBD Terpenes: What Are They?

    What Are Terpenes? Without a doubt, you have encountered terpenes in your lifetime. Simply put, terpenes are chemicals that determine how things smell. Terpenes are aromatic, volatile compounds that are found in plants. Even if you’ve never noticed, we are almost always surrounded by terpenes.  O... View Post
  • How to Find Quality CBD Products

    How to find quality products in the unregulated market of CBD.  If you are in the market for CBD products, you should know that the current CBD market is unregulated. This means that while there are plenty of amazing products to choose from, there are also a handful of scam products as well. As ... View Post
  • Is CBD Safe to Use for Children?

    How Does CBD Work? The popularity of CBD oil, whether extracted from hemp or marijuana, continues to rise in the health and wellness industry. Most attribute this popularity to the vast boom of essential oils in recent years. If you didn’t know, CBD is the second most popular compound found in th... View Post

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