5 Tips to Detoxify Your Home

We watch what we put in our bodies. We watch what goes on our plates. But have you ever thought about what's in the house you live in?

Why Detoxify Your Home?

Just as it is important to eat healthy, it is important to have the environment you live in be healthy as well. 

The main principle of detoxifying your home is to limit the amount of chemicals and pollutants used in your house. According to a study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, the average household may have as many 400 chemicals. Using cleaning products full of chemicals won’t necessarily harm you, but there could be negative effects in the long-term—so why not take the precaution of ditching chemical-heavy products for a healthier lifestyle?

5 Tips to Detoxify Your Home

When you detox your home, there will be fewer things causing eye irritation, triggering asthma, causing headaches, nausea, and respiratory problems. Check out these 5 tips to detox your home today:

Check Your Cleaning Products

Cleaning supplies are some of the most toxic items found in your home. They can make their way into your body in a variety of manners: absorbed through the skin, ingested accidentally by way of chemical residues leftover on dishes or laundry, and inhaled into your lungs, Cleaning supplies have been linked to numerous negative effects such as reproductive orders and cancer, which is why it is important to read the labels of what you use. Do a sweep of your cleaning cabinet to make sure that the products don’t contain any toxic red flags or harmful ingredients. They will usually have a disclaimer of some sort where the product ingredients are. Use cleaning products that are plant and mineral-based, and don’t contain any harmful preservatives or fragrances. Steer clear of products that contain petroleum-based ingredients, parabens, synthetic fragrances, or EPA registered pesticides. 

Add Air-Purifying Plants

Plants can help detoxify indoor air.  They filter out harmful chemicals and make the air cleaner, so it is safe for you to breathe. Some plants that have air-purifying properties are peace lilies, aloe vera, English ivy, or golden pothos.

Swap Skincare Products 

Many skincare products are actually very harmful to your skin. There have been multiple ingredients in skincare products that are linked to health issues like eczema, cancer, allergies, and hormonal disruption. Take good care of your skin by using products that are made with natural ingredients and don’t contain aluminum, preservatives, parabens, or sulfates. A88CBD™ has a wide variety of clean, natural products—from hydrating body lotion to moisturizing lip balm, these products are toxin-free and safe for your skin. 

Toss Out BPAs

Some plastic containers have a chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA) in them. BPA can have a negative effect on our hormones and may be associated with obesity, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions. To avoid BPA-containing plastic, don’t buy any containers marked with a 7. Do not put containers with BPA in the microwave or dishwasher as this can be extra harmful to your health. Opt for glass tupperware or cardboard when possible. 

Crack Open a Window

Did you know that indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air? This is why it is so important to open the windows if/when you can. Fresh air from outside not only feels great but can also be better for you than breathing stale, contaminated air from inside your home. Also, be sure to change your air filters regularly so as to minimize contaminants and keep the air flowing in your home clean and irritant-free. 

Just as you take care of your body, take care of your home. Detoxify your living space for a cleaner, healthier life. 


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