A88CBD™ Athlete Spotlight: Armana Christianson

How CBD Has Impacted Armana 

I have been playing competitive golf for a long time. I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and picked up the game when I was about 12. From the moment I started playing, my family and I knew I had a knack for the sport. Since then I have been playing some serious competitive golf. I competed all the way through high school, D1 and D1 colleges and now professional for the last several years. My body is finally catching up with me! My hands have hurt pretty regularly for the last couple years and I finally went to a doctor to figure out what was going on. The diagnosis was early on-set arthritis in my thumbs from overuse. So where do I go from here?

For me at this point in time, it’s about safe pain management and that’s where A88CBD™ comes into play. I’ve been pretty cautious about using CBD products in the past for a couple reasons. One was because I truly didn’t believe that it could help that much. I don’t take pain medication so eventually after doing my research I figured it was about time to at least give it a shot.


While a general CBD product like the oil tinctures are popular, I was really looking for something that I could direct in areas of soreness. A88CBD™ has a product called Muscle Salve and this is exactly what I was looking for. I have been applying it directly to my thumbs and am seeing a noticeable difference in stiffness and soreness. I especially like that the small tin is really easy to carry in my golf bag. It’s easy to hold while I apply the product and I can reapply as many times as I need throughout the day, which is a few more times than average when I’m on the golf course.

One of the creams that the doctor had prescribed is some serious stuff but I can really only use it at night because it’s so thick, smells and takes a long time to sink into my skin. A CBD salve like this one from A88CBD™ allows me to quickly use it throughout the day without worrying about touching something before it needs to dry or the medicinal smell. Huge benefits when I have general discomfort in my hands throughout the day. I can honestly say that if you’re experiencing localized soreness and stiffness, that I’d recommend trying a product like this from personal experience. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!


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