Benefits and Uses of Bath Salts

Bath salts have long been a cure-all used by many who suffer from body fatigue such as sore muscles and arthritis flares. If you don’t know already, a simple soak in bath salts can produce incredible results — continue reading to learn more. 

What Are Bath Salts?

Typically, bath salts are Epsom salts, which is a naturally occurring mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Studies reveal that magnesium and sulfate are both readily absorbed through the skin. This makes Epsom salt baths an incredible way to reap the benefits of the minerals while enjoying a relaxing soak. 

Magnesium works in the body to regulate over 325 enzymes, reduces inflammation, helps muscle and nerve function, and helps to prevent the hardening of arteries. Its counterpart in Epsom salts, sulfate, helps to improve the absorption of nutrients, flush out toxins, and relieve symptoms of migraine headaches. 

Epsom salt is pretty easy to get your hands on, you can find it in most drugstores, typically in the bath and body care area of the store. 

spoonful of bath salts

What Are The Benefits?

Epsom salts are not new, in fact, they have been used for hundreds of years. They feature many beneficial properties that can work to soothe your body. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple 15-20 minute soak in bath salts. Some of the most noteworthy benefits include:


Ease Stress and Promote Relaxation

Did you know that stress actually drains the body of magnesium and increases levels of adrenaline? Epsom salts dissolved in water absorb into the skin and help to replenish the lost magnesium. Magnesium works to produce serotonin, which is a mood-elevating chemical within the brain that helps you to feel calm and relaxed. Additionally, magnesium ions help to relax and reduce irritability, which in turn lowers the effects of adrenaline. Reach for a product that features relaxing lavender oil and eucalyptus oil like A88CBD™ Bath Salts for an extra measure of relaxation. 

Soothes Muscle Cramps and Pain 

Epsom salts are believed to help relieve inflammation and pain, making it an incredible treatment for sore muscles, and beyond. Additionally, Epsom salts can relieve symptoms of bronchial asthma and migraine headaches. 

Increase Muscle and Nerve Function

Researchers believe that Epsom salt can help to regulate electrolytes in your body, helping the function of your muscles, nerves, and enzyme. Also, magnesium is known to be critical in the proper use of calcium, which conducts the electric impulses within your body. 

Eliminates Toxins Within Your Body

Sulfates in Epsom salt work to flush out toxins and heavy metals from the cells, which eases muscle pain and encourages the body to eliminate harmful substances. By adding the right helpful minerals to your bathwater, your body triggers a process called reverse osmosis, which pulls the salt out of your body along with toxins. 

bath salts and body lotion on bath tub

As you have likely gathered by now, bath salts are an extremely effective addition to your wellness routine. Consider utilizing bath salts that feature Epsom salts, natural essential oils, and cooling menthol for the extra care your body needs! 

Add even more relaxation to your bath with CBD bath salts from A88CBD™! Made with Epsom salts, pink Himalayan salt, menthol, and all-natural hemp CBD extract, you're sure to relax like never before. Follow up with hydrating CBD body lotion and you're good to go. 


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