Effects of CBD: How Long Does It Stay in Your System?

By now, you’ve definitely heard about CBD and all of its potential benefits. It’s nearly impossible to ignore the hype that is circulating around CBD currently. But, if you're cautious of what you put in your body, you may have some serious questions before you’re willing to try it for yourself. We don’t blame you! It’s important to understand how CBD affects your body, and depending on which method you prefer, the answer can be different. To learn more about CBD and the effects it has on your body, continue reading.   

Factors of the effects of CBD

A few key factors that play a role in how long CBD last in your body include the following:

Metabolism: A person’s metabolism determines how fast CBD is metabolized and excreted from the body. Additionally, depending on whether you take CBD on a full or empty stomach, the effects may differ.

Frequency: The more you take CBD the more likely that some will remain in your body for longer amounts of time. 

Dosage: Depending on how much CBD you take, the amount of time the CBD remains in your system can fluctuate.

Method: Depending on which method you use to consume CBD, you may feel the effects quicker or slower. 

Oral CBD 

Consuming CBD through ingestion is one of the most common methods. Many people enjoy consuming CBD through oils or tinctures because they are convenient and quick. All you have to do is add a few drops of the product under your tongue, hold for 30-60 seconds, then swallow. However, those that choose to use CBD through ingestion you should note that it might take longer than you expect to begin working.

When you swallow CBD oil, it prevents the CBD from entering your bloodstream right away. Instead, it first travels through the digestive tract, then the liver, where it is broken down before reaching its final destination -- your bloodstream. 

Keep in mind, when consuming CBD through ingestion or CBD-infused edibles, the CBD has to go through the entire digestive process, and therefore, the total CBD concentration that ends up in your bloodstream is significantly less than what you initially consume. If you are looking for a CBD ingestible product that absorbs quickly, look for one that has a water-soluble base such as A88CBD™ Tincture or Capsules, as they are known to have rapid onset and digest within 10 minutes, as opposed to one to two hours of traditional CBD oils! 

Topical CBD 

You can find topical CBD in numerous beauty and wellness products. This method of CBD is also popular because it is simple and easy to use. It can be directly applied to the skin in the area of concern. Once applied, it is absorbed through the surface of the skin and begins to interact with cannabinoid receptors. 

In some cases, topical CBD products should be applied liberally, as this method has a significantly lower cannabinoid absorption rate. 

If you are interested in topical CBD products, A88CBD™ carries a wide range of topical products including body lotion, lip balm, hand + foot cream, essential oil, bath salts, and muscle salve! 


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