MCT Oil: Uses and Benefits

What is MCT Oil?

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil contains medium-length chains of fat that are called triglycerides. MCTs are considered medium-length because they are made up of 6 to 12 carbon atoms. Because the MCTs have a shorter length in composition compared to long-chain fatty acids, they are easily digested and provide multiple health benefits to your body. 

Medium-chain triglycerides

Most commonly, MCT oil is extracted from coconut oil, as more than 50% of the fat in coconut oil comes from MCTs. However, these fats can be found in numerous other foods including palm oil and dairy products. 

What is MCT Oil Used For?

In recent years, MCT oil has surfaced as a popular supplement for multiple health benefits. Some of those include:

  1. Promotes Weight Loss: In studies, MCT oil has shown to release two hormones that help you to feel full—peptide YY and leptin. Popularly, coconut oil works to help you feel fuller longer. However, studies suggest that MCT oil does a better job of keeping you feel compared to coconut oil. Additionally, MCT oil has shown to help shed inches in the waste reduce body weight. Researchers are keen on the idea that MCT  oil can help to prevent obesity. It is believed that MCT oil has up to 10% fewer calories than long-chain triglycerides (LCT) which are found in common foods such as olive oil, nuts, and avocados. Those that follow the keto diet probably already know that MCTs can be converted into ketones, which is produced from the breakdown of fat when carb intake is low. MCT oil is believed to help those that are striving to follow the keto diety by prolonging the fat-burning state of ketosis. 
  3. Source of Energy: Studies have proven that the human body absorbs MCTs more rapidly than long-chain triglycerides (LCTs), which are known to contain more carbons in their fatty acid chains. Because the chain length is short, MCTs travel from the gut to the liver, where the fats are broken down and either used or stored as body fat. Because MCTs enter your cells without having to be broken down, they can be used immediately as a source of energy. 
  5. Reduce Lactate Buildup: Did you know that during exercise your lactate levels rise and in turn, cause a negative impact on your exercise performance? MCT oil can help. MCT oil works to help reduce lactate buildup, in addition to potentially helping you use more fat instead of carbs for energy. 
  7. Fight Yeast and Bacteria Growth: MCTs have shown to have antimicrobial and antifungal effects. Studies have shown that coconut oil, which contains a very large amount of MCTs, can reduce the growth of Candida albicans by up to 25%. Additionally, research has proven that coconut oil reduced the growth of disease-causing bacteria called Clostridium difficile. MCTs themselves have also been shown to suppress the growth of widespread infectious fungus—although more research is still needed to determine the efficacy of MCTs and immune support in human studies.
  9. Reduce Disease Risk Factors: Researchers are hopeful that MCT oil can help to manage risks associated with high cholesterol, blood pressure, inflammation, and more. Studies show that when MCTs are added to a healthy diet you can better manage the risk factors that come with such diseases. 

Should You Take MCT Oil?

As demonstrated, MCT oil can have many benefits on your body. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. As with any supplement, there are a few risks associated with MCTs, so you should always do your research and consult your physician before making any major changes in your diet and supplement routine.

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