Top Benefits of Castor Oil for Skin

Tired of dry, tight skin? There’s a quick solution for that—and it all starts with castor beans. 

Primarily grown in tropical regions, castor oil is a vitamin-rich oil that packs tons of skin benefits. It’s a common ingredient in skincare products because it can help with aging, pain, dry skin, and more. 

Considering adding castor oil to your routine? It’s a smart move. Read on to learn more about how this multi-purpose oil is a skincare essential and its benefits and uses.

What Is Castor Oil?

Castor oil—also known as Ricinus oil—is a vegetable oil made from the seeds of the castor bean. The beans get pressed or go through solvent extraction to create the oil. Castor beans have one of the most toxic enzymes known. However, the heating process deactivates toxins, allowing the oil to be used safely. 

While castor oil remains a popular treatment in the skincare community for its benefits, it’s also used to make synthetic resins, plastics, varnishes and paints, fibers, and plasticizers. 

Top Benefits of Castor Oil On Skin

Compared to other skincare oils like coconut and argan oil, castor oil has far more vitamin E and fatty acids. The ricinoleic acid it contains makes it a powerful moisturizer and humectant. 

Studies have shown castor oil’s skincare benefits, including:

  • Hydrates skin by keeping moisture in your dermal layer
  • Helps reduce inflammation and promotes pain-relief
  • Slows down the aging process with antioxidants
  • Promotes quick wound healing
  • Helps reduce acne with its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties
  • Stimulates hair follicles to help growth 
  • Promotes production of elastin and collagen

Here’s How To Add Castor Oil Into Your Daily Routine

Adding castor oil to your routine can give you glowy, nourished skin. Like many other plant-based oils, it can be used in a wide variety of topical applications. 

Here’s how you can reap the benefits of castor oil in your everyday routine:

Remove Your Makeup 

Using castor oil as a makeup remover is like getting two things for the price of one. Not only will your makeup slip off easily without the need for harsh rubbing and chemicals, but the castor oil will also moisturize your skin as it cleans it away.

For your own makeup removing solution, combine two tablespoons of castor oil with two tablespoons of witch hazel. Mix it together and apply the solution to your face with a cloth, cotton ball, or q-tip to remove makeup. Save what you don’t use in a small container for next time.

Lather On Lotion

Looking for an effortless way to add some castor oil to your day? Try using a regular skincare product—like lotion or a face moisturizer—with castor oil as one of its main ingredients. 

For an even more beneficial product, try using A88CBD™’s Deep Relief Cream. This product works to relieve tension and pain from your muscles while moisturizing skin. Along with castor oil, it contains arnica, menthol, and CBD for overall wellness.

Brush Through Hair

Castor oil has long been used for strengthening hair and promoting growth. By applying castor oil to your hair follicles, you create a healthier environment for your hair to grow.

Try putting castor oil on your lashes and eyebrows with a spoolie or brush it through your hair, starting at the roots. This will help your hair become healthier, stronger, and help increase length. 

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