Turning Your Bathroom Into a Tranquil Oasis

Make Your Bathroom Your Favorite Place to Find Peace 

Raise your hand if you’ve always wanted to turn your bathroom into that “picturesque Pinterest bathroom” you’ve scrolled past a million times -- us too. 

Surprisingly, it’s easier than you think to turn your drab bathroom into an oasis. We’re sharing our favorite quick fixes to transform your bathroom into the relaxation station you need after a long day. 

Add Some Life

Greenery life, that is! There are many plants that thrive in humid environments - such as, pothos, philodendron, and spider plants. Not only are these plants easy to keep alive in your bathroom, they actually flourish here! Plants are a great addition to any space, but when adding to your bathroom they truly help to create a serene oasis.  

If your bathroom is limited on counter space, don’t fret. There are numerous options for you to incorporate plants such as hanging plants, air plants, vines, or using glass terrariums. Not only will adding plants add to the overall feeling of tranquility in your bathroom, they can also help to purify the air and keep your bathroom feeling fresh. 

Bathroom faucet with greenery

Incorporate Texture 

In addition to adding greenery, incorporating texture is another simple way to create a more serene space. This can be achieved by simply adding a few natural stone pieces or a bamboo shower mat into your existing design elements. You can even take it up a notch and utilizing textured tiles in place of standard tiles around your shower or on your flooring. We love the idea of adding big natural stones to your shower walls if possible, for a truly tranquil experience! This switch helps to contrast softer colors and create a new calmness to your space. 

Bright bathroom with plants

Organize and Minimize

We all know that keeping our spaces neat and tidy helps to promote relaxation, and our bathroom is no exception. If your space overwhelms you when you’re in it, start by figuring out what your essentials are. A good rule of thumb is, “if you forgot you own it, discard it.” Half used, expired products can easily accumulate in your space. It’s important to keep tabs on your products to ensure your space remains clutter-free. 

Find a home for the things you can’t live without. Utilize your cabinets, drawers, and closets to give everything a place to call home. If you are limited on storage space, you can incorporate shelves (we love wooden floating shelves!) and baskets to keep things tucked away and tidy. 

If you’re able to, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to open up your space and encourage a refreshing environment! If not, adding clean, fresh, and natural colors in your design elements can help to promote relaxation and calmness. We love using natural shades of white to keep it fresh and clean!

Organized bathroom countertop and mirror

Create the Perfect Shower or Bath Caddy 

We’re not talking about the shower caddy you used to carry from your dorm room to the communal bathroom - we’re talking the ultimate spa shower caddy! Also, our CBD Essential Oil is always close by. With soothing Lavender and Copaiba oils in a convenient, ready-to-use rollerball packaging, we can’t resist this simple addition to our relaxation and stress-relief routine. Add a luxurious hand and foot cream to top it off!


Bath tub with caddy


We hope you’ve found these tips for creating a tranquil oasis helpful. Try them all, or try a few. Remember your space is your own, make it everything you’ve dreamed of! 


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