Water-Soluble CBD, Explained

Whether you are already an established and avid CBD user, or brand new to the scene -- it’s important to understand the benefits of water-soluble CBD. 

What does water-soluble mean?

You’ve probably heard the expression, “water and oil don’t mix,” and CBD oil is no exception to this rule. Thus, scientists worked to develop a water-soluble CBD and the outcome was industry-changing. 

Simply put, water-soluble is exactly what it sounds like. It is a substance that can be dissolved in water. While CBD offers numerous benefits, it’s important to keep in mind that adult bodies are made of approximately 60% water, which can greatly affect the bioavailability of the CBD you consume. 

In case you didn’t know, bioavailability is defined as, “the degree and rate of which a substance is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of interaction.” 

In studies of oil-soluble CBD, researchers found that the bioavailability of CBD could be as minuscule as 4%! This means that up to 96% of the CBD you consume is not providing any effects to your body at all. 

These findings led to the creative and substantial finding of water-soluble CBD. The premise of this finding is to provide a base that works with your body, as opposed to against it. Additionally, water-soluble CBD ensures that your body is able to absorb the most CBD as possible -- it’s a win, win. 

The Process

Water-soluble CBD is made through a process called nanotechnology. This allows extractors to unlock the smallest nanoparticles of CBD to get them directly into your body. In comparison to oil-soluble CBD products, water-soluble products go directly through the bloodstream by way of the small intestine. This allows for the effects to be almost immediate. 

By converting CBD oil into a water-soluble product the ways in which it can be used increase dramatically. Not only does it allow for increased effectiveness, but it opens up the opportunities of ways to implement CBD into your routine. 

With water-soluble CBD, you can count on tinctures and capsules to deliver precise amounts of CBD, in addition, you can use this form of CBD in drink and food products -- making the use simple and convenient. 


About C10™

A88CBD™ is sourced from Centuria Foods, a global leader in the CBD industry. They developed a water-soluble CBD called C10™. Early in the development, they received feedback that testers felt the effects of the CBD within as little as 10 minutes. From there, the name C10™ was born (standing for Centuria and 10 minutes).

In order to ensure the feedback they received in initial testing was validated, they conducted independent PK testing to compare C10™ to traditional oils and isolates. The third-party studies consistently showed that C10™ absorption rates were 10x the concentration of an oil-based tincture after only 10 minutes! 

What this means is that with an extreme increase in bioavailability -- A88CBD™ reaches the bloodstream faster and in much higher quantities, providing more CBD in less time.

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