Which Athletes Use CBD?

Athletes understand that aches and pains are an inevitable result attached to their sport. While many athletes have mastered the art of “playing through the pain,” CBD can offer non-toxic and non-addictive alternatives for pain relief. CBD possesses anti-inflammatory and non-psychoactive compounds that aid in muscle recovery. Dozens of professional athletes now advocate for CBD such as Mike Tyson, Jay Williams, Riley Cote, and Eugene Monroe. 

Athletes that use CBD 

Mike Tyson - Surely the heavyweight champion has had his share of pain. The former boxing champion is a strong believer in the positive medicinal qualities CBD has to offer. He claims this “Miracle Oil” holds benefits crucial for muscle recovery and has noticed the pain-relieving benefits.


Jay Williams - The former NBA star is a strong supporter of CBD. Williams has been using CBD oil on his skin to relieve inflammation. CBD Muscle Salve contains Lavender Oil, and Menthol leaving the treated area with a comforting, soft-soothing, cooling sensation.



Riley Cote - In 2012, Cote was introduced to a world of non-intoxicating cannabinoids and has been advocating ever since. Since using CBD oil, Cote explains his experiences have been, “nothing but positive.” CBD’s 100% natural properties, used as a healing agent, have allowed Cote to minimize the potential damage caused by his NHL career.


Eugene Monroe - Notorious for more than his NFL career, Monroe was the first NFL player to become a CBD activist. Monroe stands by CBD and the medicinal properties it possesses. Chronic pain comes with the sport. Athletes experience chronic pain in their everyday life. 

How CBD May Help

CBD can seamlessly enhance your daily wellness routine. CBD oils, CBD lotion or CBD Muscle Salves are perfect for targeting tender muscles and achy joints. These topicals and ingestibles can be used daily to help ease pains naturally. A88CBD Muscle Salve and A88CBD Hydration Body Lotion contain shea butter which allows users to gently glide over painful areas to target them specifically. The muscle salve also includes menthol, a known topical pain reliever. Athletes can use CBD as a pain reliever, opioid alternative, and as a natural anti-inflammatory aid.

Pain Reliever

CBD oils, CBD Muscle Salves, and CBD lotions are believed to help alleviate sport-related pain. A88CBD features a Water C10 base that enables quick absorption. These lab-tested oils contain 5mg of high-quality hemp and contain natural ingredients. Athletes can use CBD as help prevent pain or an alternative to over the counter medicine. 

Opioid Alternative

It is no secret that athletes need medical attention after a sports-related injury. Using Opioids such as morphine or oxycontin long term can result in addiction. Injuries can result in long term pain, but CBD is believed to help relieve pain associated with the injuries. Additionally, CBD tinctures are believed to aid in muscle recovery. Reach for CBD oils after a hard day’s work for maximum results!


Athletes endure a lot of strain on their bodies. Using A88CBD™ Muscle Salve and A88CBD™ Hydration Body Lotion consistently can aid in muscle recovery. A88CBD™ Muscle Salve contains Lavandula Angustifolia or commonly known as Lavender oil, is a natural anti-inflammatory. Lavender oil is prized for its calming ability and numbing effects to help soothe inflammation. Athletes can ingest or apply CBD oils, Muscle Salves, or CBD lotions after a strenuous workout or performance.



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