Certificate of Analysis

At A88CBD™ we are all about ensuring that our products are top-notch and exactly what our customers expect every time they order them.We want to be as transparent about our products as possible - that’s why we believe in sharing our Certificate of Analysis’ with you. A Certificate of Analysis (COA), is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the amount of cannabinoid (CBD) in a product. This document helps to ensure that products are made to the specifications listed and informs the consumer of the quantity of CBD found in each product. COA’s are an important tool for customers to know more about the quality of the product they are purchases, as well as keep them safe and informed.Below, you will see the COA’s for each product, they are also available for you to download for future reference.  If you have additional questions, see our CBD Buyer Guide and FAQ page.

FreshCap - RELAX

FRESHCAP - Reenergize


FreshCap - REFRESH

FreshCap - Resistance

How can I find the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for the product I have purchased?

Please visit the Certificate of Analysis Page for a downloadable PDF version of the COA for each product. Additionally, you will see a COA number on the bottom of your product that can also be used to search for the document.

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