100% Natural, Vegan, THC-Free CBD

Refreshingly Different CBD™

At A88CBD™, hydration is our passion and premium is our identity™. We source, produce, and refine industry-leading hemp-derived CBD commodities to add to your daily wellness routine. With you in mind, we are at the forefront of innovation—striving to create hemp-derived CBD products that you can trust.

Work Hard, Relax Harder

A88CBD™’s Cinnamon and Orange Cream-flavored CBD Tinctures were created for simple and effective use. Featuring Centuria Foods' unique, high-quality, water-soluble formula called C10™. Powered by C10™, our CBD tinctures get to work within 10 minutes! 

C10™ is used in all of our A88CBD™ ingestible products for maximum efficacy.

CBD Oil Tincture - A88CBD

Calm Your Body

A88CBD™’s line of THC-free CBD topicals is formulated to help you feel great. Roll-on wellness with A88CBD™’s Essential Oil when you're on-the-go.

Chill Out from the Inside Out

Whole-body wellness from the inside out. Rest assured that all of our products are THC-free and are filled with high-quality ingredients like shea butter for topicals, and C10™ broad-spectrum hemp for tinctures. Plus, we love animals and believe in the power of plants. All A88CBD™ products are vegan and cruelty-free.