The A88CBD™ A-Team

In this day and age of social media, we know how overwhelming it can be to make a decision about what products are must-haves for you. We are constantly bombarded with the next best thing and multiple streams of influence every time we unlock our phones and start scrolling.

We know your time and money are valuable, so we’ve made it simple. At A88CBD™ we truly believe in the power of community, that’s why we’ve made one specifically for you. 

We’ve handpicked the members of the A88CBD™ A-Team. They are athletes, travelers, parents, trend-setters, go-getters and most importantly - just like you.

Our A88CBD™ A-Team is here to show you how they incorporate our products into their daily wellness routine just as your best friend would. Visit our A-Team’s social media channels to see for yourself!

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Carly Wopat

Beach Volleyball Player

Corinne Quiggle

Beach Volleyball Player

Erika Tymrak

USA Soccer Player

Jake Olsen

Motivational Speaker

Indoor Volleyball Player

Mark Burik

Beach Volleyball Player

Sabrina Wieser

Marathon Runner

Christina Lazo

57kg Powerlifter

Danny Colaprico

Soccer Player

Samantha Sibley


Anthony Wheeler

Football Player

Katie Bedford

Esports Host

Evi Popadinova

Soccer Player

Justin Fargo

Esports Player

Zoe McDougall


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