Physical Chemistry

AnalyteDetection Limit* mg/LFDA Standard of Quality* mg/LResult mg/L
Alkalinity (as CaCO3)2032
Apparent Color35ND*
Bicarbonate (as CaCO3)2032
Carbonate (as CaCO3)20ND
Foaming Agents0.10.5ND
Hardness (as CaCO3)10ND
Hydroxide (as CaCO3)20ND
AttributeDetection LimitFDA SOQResult
Odor Threshold13ND
pH Temperature22 C
Specific Cond. @ 25C1110
Total Dissolved Solids5 ppm54 ppm500 ppm
Turbidity0.1 NTU5 NTU0.1 NTU

Microbiological Results

AnalysisLower Reporting Limit (CFU*)FDA SOQ (CFU)Result (CFU)
E. Coli1ND
Total Coliform1ND
Standard Plate Count1ND

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